What are the varieties of white stone, marble and granite

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Common varieties of white marble are: Carrara white, Yashi white, jazz white, white marble, ice white, Guangxi white, fish maw white, Yugoslav white, crystal white, Oriental white, etc.

The overall color of the marble panel is pure white, the whole body is snow-white, and its texture is relatively pure, with obvious features such as crystal and snowflakes and transparency. The texture of white marble is soft and belongs to the category of calcareous stone. Its surface is particularly easy to be scratched during use, so when decorating, it needs to be used in places that are not easy to touch. For maintenance , is also easier.

When laying marble, it needs to be waterproofed. Because of its light color and soft texture of this kind of stone, it is easy to cause yellowing of the surface of the stone due to improper use, resulting in stone lesions. During installation, it is necessary to make six-sided anti-

white granite varieties: sesame white, pearl white, golden diamond white hemp, large flower white, American white hemp, Suizhou white hemp, pearl white hemp, sea wave flower, etc.

White granite sheets are mostly used for outdoor floors, steps, bases, etc.; machine-made sheets are generally used for floors, steps, bases, steps, cornices, etc., and are mostly used for indoor and outdoor walls, floors, cylinders, etc. It is used to make the ground of roller skating rinks, monuments, inscriptions, etc.

For the choice of decoration stone, the editor recommends using marble indoors and granite outdoors.

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